Declaration for Dual Profession

Dr. Nisa Khan inevitably engaged in a second career in finance and investment management in 2002, after the tech industry in the United States was severely impaired by the impact of the unprecedented boom and bust of the tech bubble in Wall Street. 

While scientists and engineers are often described as not having sufficient financial knowledge or skills, most financiers conversely lack sufficient physical sciences, technical, and mathematical skills that nevertheless are vital to the global financial industry.  Recognizing certain truth in that, Dr. Khan has taken an active step to engage in both professions to help both industries and corresponding clients served by them.

Her philosophy is that by diversifying the nature of mental activities, both fields – physical sciences and finance - can be better developed and served.  At the heart of both professions, the crucial principles (also endorsed by her late father) must be:

  I :   Intelligent  
                                            E:   Ethical  

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