Engineering Platform


Product & Services: Platform for Different Engineering Disciplines 

IEM LED has developed a rigorous and comprehensive platform with tools to design and evaluate competitive LED lamps to replace less energy-efficient incumbent lamps.  These include:

  • Comprehensive optical design and simulation tools for general illumination sources including LED lamps. Design capabilities can incorporate lightpipes, optical fibers and waveguides, LED arrays and combinations of any of these.
  • Thermal management design and simulation for LED lamps that include conduction, convection, and radiation heat flows as well as transient and duty-cycle conditional  behaviors. Such simulation can be applied to LED pixel modules that are used in LED EMCs.

  • Photometric, radiometric, and colorimetric tests for light sources; test capabilities include elaborate goniophotometric measurements from near-field distances, total luminous flux and transient thermal behavior measurements of light sources including LEDs.  State-of-the-art equipment and skills are used for goniometric and thermal transient measurements via collaboration with our partners.  Services include comparison of calculated and measured results and appropriate interpretation.

  • Data interpretation using state-of-the-art graphical capabilities to present and compare data in 2D and 3D.

We provide and handle: Comprehensive Background, Challenges, Theory, and Solutions for LED Luminaire Engineering & Manufacturing